Malta – Europe’s Most Popular Diving Destination

One of the most popular diving destinations in the world is Malta, a small archipelago in the Mediterranean basin. Aside from being a great holiday destination in itself, Malta has repeatedly been voted as being the best diving site in the Mediterranean.

download (5)There are three islands that make up this country and the main one measures only nine miles by seventeen, but its wealth of dive sites is incredible. There are shore dives and boat dives for all three islands and they tick all the boxes – nature dives, cave dives, deep dives and wreck dives.

Malta has some pretty amazing wrecks, some of which were purposely scuttled to become dive sites in the last 20 years. But there are also a number of Second World War authentic wrecks that are there, waiting for you to discover them. Near the port of Valletta, you can find the remains of the HMS Maori and a German E-Boat that was sunk at the mouth of the Grand Harbor. There is also HMS Stubborn, a submarine that was lost with all hands some miles out of the shore. There are also a two aircraft that can be reached by boat, a Beaufighter and a Blenheim bomber. Malta is also known for hosting many iGaming companies, some of them listed at On the West Coast you will find the 100 meter long Umm El Faroud oil tanker, which attracts a lot of wildlife including Barracudas. In addition to these, you will find a 1970s patrol boat and an old tug – Rozie – sunk at the north end of the island. Both are at depths of over 30 meters, so you need a bit of experience to enjoy them. There is another patrol boat on the small island of Comino that is at a much lower depth of 17 meters.

Gozo is famous for its Blue Hole dive, which is an underwater cave system reached by going through a long shaft under the rocks. The best thing is that all dives are within easy reach because Malta is so small.