Equipment Needed For Diving

Commercial_diving_equipment_at_Eudi_Show_2006_adventurediving.itDiving is a highly specialized hobby that requires specialized equipment. In this post, you will find a list and explanation of what essentials and what optional pieces of equipment you will need to be safe and successful in your diving endeavors

Air tank

You need to breathe while you are down there, so you will need an air tank. It is not oxygen as many people believe. It is merely compressed air and usually comes in 5, 10 or 15 liter tanks.

Regulator and Octopus

Diving accidents decreased dramatically with the introduction of octopus regulators, which means that you have a backup apparatus to channel the air into your mouth if the other gets damaged. The main one is normally black and the backup is high visibility yellow.

Buoyancy Control Device

This vest can be pumped full of air to keep you at the surface.It has easy controls to decrease and increase the amount of air inside. This will help you rise, sink or stay at a constant level while on your dive. It usually has hand controls and toggles that you can pull to hasten your descent.

Mask and Fins

Every diver needs a mask to see underwater and you also need fins to propel yourself forward. It is advisable to carry a spare mask just in case you or your buddy needs it.

Wet suit, hood and dive boots

Depending on the water temperature, you will need a wetsuit. There are shorties or full length ones. You also need a hood for your head as that is where you lose most body heat from. Dive boots allow you to walk on rough ground.


You also need a set of weights, depending on your body fat/mass ratio. If you don’t use weights, you will just stay at the surface. These come in the form of a weight belt or a weight pouch.

Dive Computer

If you don’t want to get decompression sickness, you need one of these to tell you when you should get out of the water.


You need to know where you are going!